Battleship Games Warship, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier 3D Navy Ships Parking

Battleship Games Warship, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier 3D Navy Ships Parking 1.3 for iphone

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Description :
War is over and the navy ships are returning to base port, Captain you must sail your boats & safely park them. the all new Battle Ships 3D Simulator Game if free to play and download !
# 3 Awesome Real life war ships: Submarine, Destroyer & Aircraft carrier !
## New Multiplayer Mode - Race other ship captains to park your fleet of nuclear sub, jet carrier and destroyer!
#### 36 Challenging levels, Beautifully detailed war ships, the best ship parking game on IOS

After many month of war, victory was achieved and the navy ships are racing back to the harbour. With so many boats coming in parking space is limited. Your fleet includes three of the deadliest war ships in the navy's arsenal of distraction. One for Fire power, One for dominating the skies and one for stealth.

##This game has it all. Awesome Graphics! Multiplayer Option, Race your friends!, 36 Challenging levels##
Set sail captain, the race is on, come play with 3 deadly boats:
Nuclear Submarine : The navy's underwater deadly weapon. Allowing the navy to deliver a deadly strike upon the enemy with a range of nuclear missiles, cruise missiles and torpedoes .
Frigate battle ship: A deadly combination of fire power consisting of cannons, missiles and anti sub and aircraft systems. This ship is used to protect the navy's aircraft carrier and deliver fast attack strikes on the enemy
Aircraft Carrier ship: This is the biggest boat sailing the war zone. It carries a wide range of jet fighter and aircrafts. No place is far enough and no target is strong enough for this war ship.

Reviewed by many game magazine and web sites read what they wrote:
"The best ship parking game i have played so far" -
iPhone Game Magazine 2014
"The game is challenging and the ships are really cool. 2 thumbs up! "
Peter Parcole - Review editor

Multiplayer Racing Game - Download this game for FREE to race your friends for ship parking master medal. Multiplayer mode allows you to to play agains hundreds of people, choose your own war boat to race with and use your skill to be the first navy war ship safely parked in harbour port. Glide though corners, Full engines back to lower you boat or submarine speed. Avoid the 3D sea mines and position you ship just right on the water so you will fit in the parking area designated to your ship, boat or submarine. Ohh yeh, and do it faster then any one else playing the multiplayer mode of Battle Ships 3D Simulator Game. When playing each player can choose his own vessel from the 3 ships the game offers - Battle ship, submarine and aircraft carrier

Game features lots of awesome stuff:
# 3 Awesome 3D sea vessels used by the army and Navy: Submarine, War ship and aircraft carrier!
# Stunning graphics and high detailed ship modules, harbour and sea area!
# Easy controls for left handed people, right handed. Tilt, Wheel and button steering
# Never get stuck. Hard level? wanna skip it? you can do that for free!
New Video Replays - Let your friends know you are the captain of the sea!
Managed to park you boat, ship or sub at a record time? Wanna show off and let your friends see that? Now you can. When you complete a level successfully a video is automatically created and you can publish it to your friends very easily! simply press the Everyplay button and your video is LIVE!!

Download Battleship Games Warship, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier 3D Navy Ships Parking - Version: 1.3

Battleship Games Warship, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier 3D Navy Ships Parking

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