DNA 2012 2

DNA 2012 2 2.3 for iphone

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Description :
Transmission #2

CyberShamanic Ambient Electronic Meditation Transformational Music to Awaken Humanity's Highest Potentials
We now enter the 2012 through 2023 gateways, humanity prepares itself for the influx of acceleration frequencies emanating from the Galactic Core. Each person chooses how to engage with these waves of energy in their own way. Some chose the way of fear, darkness, lack and limitation while many others have chosen to evolve, to step forth into their Light bodies and activate their multi-strand, multi-dimensional DNA.

It is to those that we speak - to those who have chosen to take the Red Pill and become self aware and step out of the control structure matrix. We speak a language of frequencies, of sound, of Light - ultimately music from deep space. You will not know of us by words alone; as the current 3D mental/emotional/physical body will simply not resonate with these transmissions. To those who have begun their awakening process and are fully embracing their spiritual divinity and consciously aligning with the 5th World Grid, we welcome you to a space you know deep within as Home. The transmissions you will receive in each of these individual apps are the beginning steps of much larger adventure that awaits your sincere desire to engage. These sonic teachings begin the process of deepening your awareness as you listen with heartfelt intent to fully awaken and activate your multi-strand DNA. They will provide you with the necessary energetic sustenance to ground your higher purpose and actualize your earth based missions. Dance, sing, meditate, create, make love to them as your desire to engage increases.

App features:
1 - Word Transmission from Galactic Core Space through Shapeshifter on the 2012 Alignment (12 min/192 kbps MP3)
2 - Sonic Wave from DNA.L2.2012 #2 soundscape (5 min/320 kbps MP3)
3 - Sonic Wave from DNA.L2.2012 #2 soundscape (5 min/320 kbps MP3)

FEATURES INCLUDE: Play All Button, Scroll Bar for Controlling Playback and a Pause Button

If your soul calls you to go deeper into this sonic mystery school, begin with the DNA Activation LevelOne series to build your foundation, then move on to the DNA.L2.2012 adventure. Click on the additional info links below to learn more.

Download DNA 2012 2 - Version: 2.3

DNA 2012 2

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