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enigMap Online 1.0.6 for iphone

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Description :
Explore a Jumanji-style map of surprises, find the key, dodge the croc and get on the boat


EnigMap Online is a most witty and entertaining online puzzle game in which you must explore a Jumanji-style map full of surprises, filled with awesome cartoony graphics.

You are dropped into a map at an unknown location: your challenge? Journey round the map and find the hidden key which will let you board your escape boat over to the next level, all whilst you battle through secret bombs, hidden traps and hungry crocodiles.

A smooth, intuitive app with fascinating and compelling gameplay, which is easy to grasp but very challenging to master. You can play alone, challenge friends or unknown online opponents. Train you brain in the art of strategy and orienteering.


EnigMap Online’s graphics are really quite excellent, with playful and fun, yet crisp cartoon characters and wickedly fun sounds.

In the single player option, you can choose from 3 difficulty levels and there’s always a tutorial on-hand to guide you (at the start or in the settings).

You can also challenge a random opponent online to compete on the same map and earn your stripes, or you can play against friends: the app cleverly generates a code when you choose this option which you or your friend input to enter the same game.

Here, you get to choose weapons you’d like to use, and can slow your opponents progress by hiding traps throughout their map.

Gameplay really is challenging and will keep you engaged: with each mis-step, you are transferred to another part of the map and must learn the way cell-by-cell. You have the advantage, though, of having the points you have already covered saved in drafts for you to refer to.


Obviously, the limitation of any new game is its number of users, particularly if there is a turn-based multiplayer feature on offer.

We chose to challenge a player online, but found the app then spent the next 5 minutes (until we gave up) trying to find an opponent. This is either due to a bug, or more likely, no one else was online to play at that particular time.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

enigMap Online is awesome combine of puzzle and turn-based multiplayer arcade game, where you have to use all power of your brain, find the key before opponent do, overcome variety of obstacles and leave by the boat!

Play with friends, it's amazing: catch somebody into trap or put a bomb just on way to the key, to compete for rating, earn gold and buy lots of axes! :) You need not cut the rope here or find the room. Discover through a secret map the path to the treasure and avoid dangerous encounters.

Detailed description:

At the start of the enigMap game, you are dropped in an unknown location on a secret map. Your goal is to find a hidden key that allows you to board a boat and escape to the next level.

Whilst the task may seem easy, our clever developers have hidden a lot of nasty surprises to challenge your quest, one cell at the time. You may encounter a pirate or a crocodile on your path, step into a porthole that will funnel you onto another part of the map, drown in a river or a swamp.

With each misstep, you will be transferred to an unknown part of the map; however whatever part of the map you have uncovered up until that point, will be saved in your drafts. A convenient system of drag & drop allows you to transfer your drafts onto the active map, and help you piece together all of its parts for quicker progress.

In the Online version, you race against your friends on the same map. You can slow their progress by hiding extra traps on the map, beware they can do the same to you…!

For more information and tips on how to play the game, visit our Tutorial.

Download enigMap Online - Version: 1.0.6

enigMap Online

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