Fireback Movies™ - The Movie Trivia Game About Connecting.

Fireback Movies™ - The Movie Trivia Game About Connecting. 1.0.4 for iphone

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Description :
Fireback Movies is a new kind of movie trivia game in which opponents battle with their movie knowledge. All plays are movie names, and movies are connected by actors. You play a movie connected to mine, then I play one connected to yours. Opponents fire movies back and forth getting points for each play. It may take seven or more connected movies to reach 100 points and win the game.

Fireback Movies is simple to understand but challenging and entertaining. Traditional trivia games ask random lists of trivia questions. In Fireback Movies, each player dynamically creates the challenge posed to the opponent on each turn. For example, if your opponent plays Boogie Nights, you could fire back Almost Famous (connected by Philip Seymour Hoffman.) There are limitless possibilities of finding one degree connections between movies using any actor.

Fireback Movies is a casual game where players can take their turns when they want. Fireback Movies checks your connections by referencing its proprietary database of 250,000 movies. It knows when there is more than one connection even when you do not. When players take their turns, the app gives immediate feedback to support the option for rapid-fire play. The actors who connect movies are not disclosed during the game, only in the post-game review.

Unlike most trivia games, Fireback Movies lets you show your personality. In Fireback Movies, players play movies they are familiar with. As opponents reveal their movie knowledge, you learn about them. A game against one friend is a different experience from one against another.

Plays in Fireback Movies are strategic. Some connected movies score more points than others. If you can play a movie with different actor connections from the last play, it is called a Change Connection and gets the most bonus points. Some bonus points are also awarded for multiple actor connections and fast play. Picking movies which stump the opponent is always good strategy.

When players are stumped in Fireback Movies, they can use lifelines (which cost tickets) or pass for free. Fireback Movies is a freemium full-featured game with no limitations requiring purchases or advantages for people to "pay to win." There are numerous free ways to accumulate tickets, including winning games. Tickets are also available as in-app purchases.

One Degree Games created Fireback Movies to give movie fans a new way to connect with each other by connecting movies!

Download Fireback Movies™ - The Movie Trivia Game About Connecting. - Version: 1.0.4

Fireback Movies™ - The Movie Trivia Game About Connecting.

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