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Instant Help App 1.1 for iphone

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Description :
Instant Help is here to change the way we find help. Not enough time or hands to complete a task? Hire an Instant Helper!
Instant Help is a community based app designed to connect people in need of help, with someone willing to help. Our application was designed to be user friendly, even the most novice of smartphone users can take advantage.
Create Account / Login: Creating an account is easy, just plug in your desired username, along with your full name, e-mail, and password.
Profiles: Your profile is your instant-resume. Upload a clear headshot, along with your age range, and primary area. Underneath your details, are your primary skills. So if you are best at handy work, list the types you perform. Or if you are better off taking care of simple tasks, go ahead and list them.
Dashboard: The dashboard is your home page where you can access all features of the application. From here you can search for jobs, post a job, view your completed jobs, chat with other users, and edit your profile.
Job search: Okay, let’s make some money! In the job search you will see all jobs in your area, based on your radius. All jobs on this page are listed by most recent time posted, along with their description and distance.
Accept a job: If you find a job that sounds like it would be perfect for you, click the description of the job in the search page, and this will bring you to the accept a job page! Here you will see the full description, category, compensation amount, job location, and when the post will expire.
Connect!: Once you accept a job, you will automatically be brought to chat with the user that posted the job. From here you can finalize details about completing the job.
Posting a job: Posting a job is simple! Just list a short description, along with the category, compensation you are willing to offer, and when you would like the post to expire.
Settings: The settings page allows you to adjust any of the features found within Instant Help. Adjust your job search radius/distance, how often the job search will refresh, turn your notifications on / off. We also included shortcuts to turn your GPS on/off, and sign in/out.
Examples: Moving out and all of your friends can’t help you bring the couch down 5 flights of stairs? Turn to Instant Help. Just make a posting with a short description, your location, and how much compensation you are willing to offer.
Don’t know how to program your DVR and the electronics store wants to charge 200$ for the service? You can find faster and cheaper help on Instant Help.
Hungover from last night and can’t make it to the pharmacy for tylenol and something to hydrate with? Get someone to make the run over Instant Help.
Would you rather spend your Sunday with your kids or cleaning the house? It’s time you outsource all the inconveniences and daunting tasks in your life with Instant Help.
Back in too bad of shape to cut the grass? There’s people for that on Instant Help.

Download Instant Help App - Version: 1.1

Instant Help App

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