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Description :
A simple little task-mastering app for organizing your life


Jamie's To Do is a simply designed tool to help you organize your life. The inspiration for the app came from a genuine everyday need: Jamie, a woman who loves to be organized but couldn't find an app which ordered her to-do tasks in a way that made sense to her. Luckily, Jamie's married to an app developer, John: and so through Jamie's designs and John's engineering, Jamie's To Do was born.

The app's design is minimalist and is reminiscent of a real-life calendar or Fileofax, familiarity which will appeal to many. It allows you to make and rename lists, create reminders and visualize your top priorities.

Jamie's To Do doesn't present innovation: and usability could be improved in a few simple ways. But complicated it is not, and if that's your bag, you'll love this free app with in-app purchase options.

We like the idea that you can give feedback straight through the app via the 'Contact Jamie' button, as well as access Jamie's blog.


Jamie's To Do has a simple and uncomplicated interface and getting going is pretty simple: you can take a quick tour to get to grips with how it works, though it's pretty intuitive. Simply tap on a list, then on 'Add New' to create a new task, giving it a quick name and a short description.

There are 3 lists included, which you can rename, and in a separate tab you can also set reminders (one time, daily, monthly etc), which automatically reorder by time, with color-coding to help you identify the most urgent tasks.


There are some usability issues that, if addressed, could really improve the usability of the Jamie's To Do. For example, there is no main menu where you might expect to control settings etc. Reminders and to-do tasks should be integrated too: at the moment, they are separate. So if you want to create a task which you know will require a reminder, you effectively have to add it twice: first in the list, then in the reminders section.

Finally, the app only includes 3 lists, with 5 available for an extra $1.99 in-app purchase. The price tag seems a bit steep given that the premium doesn't bring any extra functionality, just more lists.

As for the design of the app, the graphics may appear a little kitsch for some tastes and we found it lacking in structure a little.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Currently featured in O, The Oprah Magazine as a helpful way to organize your life. The magazine states, "It has a simple, no frills layout... so you can immediately see what needs to get done first."

Jamie’s To Do is not only visually beautiful; it’s simple to use and the features are incredibly useful.

It all started with a geeky romantic gesture. John's wife Jamie couldn't find a nice, simple, and pretty to do list she liked. John, a game designer, made this app for her. She, a huge to do lister, designed it and John programmed it. Oprah and Rachel Ray's Peter Walsh asks, "Could there be a more modern take of the classic love letter?"

The app is designed to be easy and simple, for all the to-do listers out there who want a low fuss straight forward app. In the app, there are eight to-do lists in this app, so you can easily organize and manage your life. You can shuffle and re-prioritize the order of your to-dos, depending on what becomes most important throughout your day. Additionally, there are reminders to ensure you don’t forget those repeating tasks such as credit card bills. No need to flip through your calendar, this useful app automatically reprioritizes your reminders with what you need to do first appearing at the top. If you need assistance in organizing your life, there is also an ‘E-Mail Jamie’ function so you can ask the namesake of the app for assistance.

Jamie’s To Do, organization made simple.

For many, like Jamie, most to-do list and task apps out there are just too complex. It takes 10 steps to add a task, you are forced to choose from a variety of settings that may or may not matter, and it's frankly a pain to learn how to use them! Jamie's To Do sets out to solve that problem with a simple and intuitive design. Just start up to app, tap the 'Add New' button, and your already on your way! The app does have more complex features, they are tucked away in the 'Extras' page. In 'List Options' you can email the lists to family and friends, you can see your completed to do's in the 'Done List', and any other additional options we add over time!

The 'Reminders' section is also designed to be simple and for repeating tasks like paying a credit card bill. Tap 'Add New', select the time and the frequency the reminder will go off (daily, weekly, monthly) and the app automatically color codes and reorders the reminders list based off when the due date is! When the reminder goes off, the app sends out a notification on your iPhone or iPad, and when completed, resets itself for the following day/week/or month.

We hope you enjoy our app!
Please email us at admin@LanziVision.com if you experience any problems or have any questions.

Download Jamie's To Do - Version: 2.2

Jamie's To Do

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