Molecules by Theodore Gray

Molecules by Theodore Gray 1.1.0 for iphone

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Description :

“Few iOS apps are as thoughtfully designed as Molecules, and even fewer combine superb visuals with clear writing that encourages exploration.”
– Macworld

“Molecules uses its predecessor as a springboard to further greatness.”
– Stuff

A book about molecules, and a chance to touch, stretch and twist them!

Molecules by Theodore Gray is the extraordinary sequel to The Elements, the bestselling book and app. It continues the story of the elements to show how they are assembled into the rich diversity of compounds, chemicals, molecules, rocks, and stuff that make up our world.

The app includes an important world first: a touch-interactive molecular dynamics simulation that lets you poke and prod hundreds of different molecules, seeing how each one reacts to your touch. Molecules are not static things – they twist, turn, vibrate, and spin in an elaborate and beautiful dance of quantum mechanics.

The app incorporates the NAMD simulation engine developed by the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois. These are serious, scientifically accurate simulations. A few minutes playing with them will give you a deeper intuition about the true nature of molecules than years of study on paper. And while they are serious science, they are also a whole lot of fun to play with!

In addition to the amazing wiggling molecules, the app contains the entire book of Molecules, with all the objects interactively rotatable so you can see them from all sides. Going further than The Elements, the app includes dozens of innovative and intriguing “still life videos” that reveal the true nature of substances through close-up interactive video.

Features include:

• Try out the first ever touchscreen-interactive molecular dynamics
• Bend, squeeze and shape 348 different molecules using multiple fingers
• Increase or decrease the temperature and see how molecules react
• Read the full text of all 14 chapters of Molecules by Theodore Gray
• Understand the movements of molecules in a special chapter for the app
• See over 500 videos and rotations of incredible objects

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Download Molecules by Theodore Gray - Version: 1.1.0

Molecules by Theodore Gray

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