PowerDice - Quick Dice Roller for Dungeons and ...

PowerDice - Quick Dice Roller for Dungeons and ... 1.0.2 for iphone

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Description :
Focus on the game. No more wasted time or annoyed party members. Roll the dice you want, and get back to the game!

PowerDice lets you roll dice quickly, easily, and with more freedom and power than any other app.


The middle of an epic battle is the wrong time to fumble with dice or clunky apps. You want to roll quickly so you can move on. Now, you can spend your time making decisions and playing the game.

As the games go deeper, the dice rolling gets more complicated. Other apps will give up early, leaving the complicated mental math to you. PowerDice, on the other hand, will be at your side the entire time. Does your Fiendish Tiger get 5 attacks? Awesome! PowerDice can handle 3d8+2d6+30 in one shot.

PowerDice even comes with a “d20” button to quickly roll skill checks and other common rolls.


Type your rolls exactly as they are shown in the books. Want to roll 5d8? Just type “5d8”. Want to roll15d4+8d6? Just type it and hit “Roll”!

More interested in academic issues, such as the average roll of 1000 six-sided dice? Just type “1000d6”, and hit roll as many times as you want.


PowerDice does more for you than any other app:
-Optimized keyboard for faster typing
-Roll any combination of dice, in any configuration
-Add and multiply different sets of dice in the same roll
-Re-roll your previous 10 rolls in one tap
-Most efficient dice app in the App Store


PowerDice is friendly towards casual use. Whether you are flipping a coin to decide on dinner locations or following D&D rules at your local mall, PowerDice is there for you.


Now get on with your adventure!

Download PowerDice - Quick Dice Roller for Dungeons and ... - Version: 1.0.2

PowerDice - Quick Dice Roller for Dungeons and ...

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