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Description :
Clear the board and have fun exploding pumpkins

pumpkins Lines, a fun puzzle game in which the objective is to destroy the pumpkins by matching them in groups of three of the same color. Do it quickly and aim well, don't let the pumpkins touch the edge.

If you just read that, you might think this is the typical matching game... but you know what is the twist? The game is played horizontally and the pumpkins are placed that way. You need to choose the row you want to place the pumpkins in and try to match three of the same color so as to clear them.

Playphone is the developer of Pumpkin Lines, one of their multiple puzzle games in the market. Pumpkin Lines is fun and thrilling, keeping you addicted and trying not to fail. The design and graphics should be improved, but it's an equally enjoyable game anyway.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Pumpkin Lines is a super addictive, simple, yet challenging puzzle game. Remove Halloween themed pieces from the board by lining up five pieces of the same colour in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction. Testing wits and reflexes, more pieces are added after every move, forcing you to think ahead to stop the board from filling up. Use special power-ups to help you along, and play through numerous levels as you try your hardest to master the game. Beat your friend's scores on the leader board and share your successes with them on Facebook!

* Halloween theme.
* Two game modes; Classic and Arcade
* Special power ups and timed pieces.
* Two methods for moving the pieces on the board; Tap-Tap and Drag-And-Drop.
* Undo bad moves, you can even go right back to the start of the game!
* Unique power ups to help you along.
* Easy to learn, yet hard to master.
* Climb the leader board and share your success with your friends on Facebook.
* Easy mode in the early levels to help new players get used to the game play.

Spooky fun for all the family!


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The game starts with a 9×9 board with three pieces chosen out of seven different colours. The player can move one piece per turn, and the player may only move a piece to a particular place if there is a path (linked set of vertical and horizontal empty cells) between the current position of the piece and the desired destination. The goal is to remove pieces by forming lines (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least five pieces of the same colour (four in the early levels). If the player does manage to form a line of at least four/five pieces of the same colour, the pieces in those lines are removed, and he gains one turn, i.e. he can move another piece. If not, three new pieces are added, and the game continues until the board is full.

Pieces are moved by selecting a piece and dragging it to an empty square on the board. Alternatively, you can tap to select a piece and then tap on the target board square. Tap again on a selected piece to unselect.

There is an 'undo' button if you make a bad move and should you wish, you can even undo all the way back to the start of the game!


This mode has special pieces and power ups that will help you complete the game:

* Timed Piece
The Timed Piece has a counter that counts down each time the player takes a turn. The counter starts at nine and counts down to zero. When the counter reaches zero, the piece is turned to stone and can no longer be moved by the player.

* Multicolor Piece
The Multicolour piece can be matched with any other colour piece on the board. Line up six pieces of the same colour to spawn a multicolour piece.

* Bomb Piece
The bomb piece will clear a 3x3 area around it. Line up seven pieces of the same colour to spawn a bomb piece. Double tap to detonate.

* Destroyer Piece
The destroyer piece destroys all pieces that match its colour. Line up eight pieces of the same colour to spawn a destroyer piece. Double tap to activate.

* Mega Bomb Piece
This piece will clear a large area of the board. Line up nine pieces of the same colour to spawn a mega bomb piece.

Download Pumpkin Lines - Version: 2.0

Pumpkin Lines

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